Our process

On-site Advice

On-site advice is provided either in a planned manner through site meetings, inspections, etc. or on a reactive basis if preferred by the client during manufacture/ construction (RIBA Stage of Work 5) through to handover and into the defects period following completion.


Our Role

The principal elements of On-Site Advice are as follows:


  • Attending scheduled site meetings with the client, contractor, consultants and/or statutory stakeholders.
  • Site inspections to report on progress and identify any patent defects to enable early rectification of same.
  • Assist the contractor or client where supply chain issues arise with materials by providing alternatives with equal performance.
  • Meet with statutory stakeholders to address issues arising during condition or to enable agreement on details which have been subject to condition.
  • Advise the client where they have concerns over workmanship, materials or contractual issues during the works providing an impartial and qualified perspective.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of functions provided and the on-site advice service is aligned as per the project and client’s requirements. R.A. Grundy Architectural Services can provide more information on services offered and advice on those which would fit the project scope most appropriately.